Employee Benefits/Group Benefits

There are many reasons why a group benefit fund is an integral and essential part of every employer’s staff remuneration package.

A number of the more compelling reasons are

  • Staff retention – Staff will want to stay with you if you can enrich their lives through risk and savings benefits
  • Respect from your employees – because offering benefits shows you actually care about them and their needs.
  • Employee well-being – ensuring they have a proper medical aid to care for them helps you by paying for their medical costs and ensuring they get proper treatment to return to work.
  • Employee attitude – this generally improves if they can see the employers care about them by offering pension benefits, savings, medical aids, risk benefits, etc
  • Family protection – provides relief from families seeking compensation if a loved one becomes disabled or dies, by having a group risk benefit to provide them with some relief.

Employer contributions are tax deductible within limits as are employee contributions to a pension fund. Attractive tax-free allowances at retirement are available to all members of registered and approved funds. Most group life, group disability and group funeral policies are paid out tax free. Group income disability plans are taxable at the income tax rate, as the monthly contributions are tax deductible.
Properly communicated to employees, a retirement fund will retain key personnel who would otherwise seek employment where these benefits are on offer.

The products we offer include

  • Pension Funds (Saving for retirement and can include risk benefits)
  • Provident Funds (include risk and savings benefits)
  • Corporate retirement annuity packages
  • Group Life Assurance
  • Group Disability schemes
  • Group Funeral funds
  • Dread Disease packages

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