If you have an amount of money that you wish to invest, it is recommended that you set up an appointment with one of our consultants to discuss the many options and platforms available to you and which would best suit your needs according to your investment risk and requirements.The basic of investing is the interest earned – COMPOUND INTEREST:The most important ingredient of a successful investment portfolio is – time!

Reasons for Investing

Saving for specific events such as a new house, a new car, a wedding, a new baby, overseas holiday, Children’s education, A rainy day fund or in case of unemployment or Retrenchment.

Two examples of investments

You can either pay premiums into it each month or it can be a lump sum investment. The policy has to be in existence for a period of 5 years or longer, during the first 5 years you cannot access the full maturity value of the investment – this is known as the restricted period. Premiums are Not tax-deductible, which means the maturity value is paid to you tax free.

A pooling together of investors’ money to buy shares (equity), property, cash, bonds, gilts, etc in different companies dependent on the type of unit trust and its investment mandate, thus spreading their risk, getting the benefit of professional fund management, and reducing their dealing costs.
Lump sum investments – The minimum lump sum is R5 000 or Debit order investments – The minimum monthly premium is R350.

The Investment providers we deal with are

Investment Income options

In the event you want to invest a lump sum and get the interest paid out to you in the form of a monthly income. The minimum lump sum is R10 000 and the interest paid out is anywhere from 2.5% to 17.5% depending on the investment and the amount of income chosen. To ensure more growth on your capital you can choose to not receive the income but reinvest it, growing your investment.

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